The P.E.A.K. experience

Facilitate your teams’ decision-making in retail!

4 P.E.A.K. levers structure Maia-BE’s CX Management algorithm so that your teams excite and energize your customers and brand – easily and continuously.

Feel unique
Be surprised
Share values
Feed your curiosity

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Why Maia-BE?

  • The reliability of the P.E.A.K. model anchored in behavioral science
  • The empathy of our interfaces that center on customers’ and users’ feelings
  • The agility of action plans that target what really matters to the brand and the customer
  • The simplicity of our Saas implementation, without complex integration

They trust us

We love your alternative and resolutely modern vision


Head of Customer Experience

I didn’t think we could get so many insights in so few questions.


Head of Consumer & Market Insights

The actions to take are super clear, we know exactly where to start.


Head of Customer Excellence

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