Managing the customer experience in a flagship store

The challenge

For the opening of their flagship store on the Champs Elysées, Lacoste wanted a new, more emotional customer experience, involving sales consultants, visual merchandising, products and services.

The Lacoste teams quickly realized that the customer experience measurement indicators used until then were no longer adapted to the brand’s new ambitions: the NPS score was already high (> 80), and it was difficult to push it futher; the metrics were focused on the transactional relationship, and the outputs were insufficiently actionable in the context of an emotional experience.

Today, it’s no longer about how clean and tidy the store is. That’s the minimum!

The Maia-BE solution for Lacoste

Lacoste chose Maia-BE as an alternative to NPS to take their experience to the next level:

  • A customer feedback form with the Lacoste spirit and codes, with 5 key questions focused on customer sentiment
  • A dashboard that can be accessed continuously at headquarters and in the flagship via an engaging, integrated, and easy-to-use webapp
  • Demanding, emotional and operational performance indicators thanks to the P.E.A.K algorithm
  • Action plans that clearly indicate what to do, how to do it and in what order for maximum impact on customers

What Lacoste gets

Better prioritization of the steps necessary to improve for the the brand

Proactivity of sales teams
on a daily basis

Optimization of resources
based on what really matters to customers

Cohesion of employees
around the experience

I didn’t think you could get so many insights from so few questions!

I can see clearly what I need to do and where I should start!

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