Rémy Cointrau

Spread and share a common customer culture.

The challenge

The Rémy Cointreau group brings together singular, high-end brands with the ambition of becoming the world leader in exceptional spirits. Customer experience is key to achieving this ambition.

Today, customer experience is addressed empirically, based on the intuition and creativity of the teams. Tomorrow, brands will need to proceed in a more systematic and coherent way to succeed. This means getting all the teams to adhere to a common customer culture within which the personality of each brand can be expressed.

The teams appreciated the subject of the workshops and the angle taken, both of which were new to them

The Maia-BE solution for Rémy Cointreau

The P.E.A.K. workshop

Rémy Cointreau’s Insights team asked Maia-BE to familiarize brand employees with the P.E.A.K. model: the 4 behavioral levers to create emotional experiences.
The workshop gathered 20 people from 5 different brands with management, marketing, communication and retail profiles.

The 3 moments of the P.E.A.K. workshop.

  • Learn together that there is a science behind the experience
  • Understand a common framework that makes clear the brief, the construction of objectives and the evaluation
  • Put your learnings into practice with a recent brand experience – here the Cointreau cocktail combi bar!

The workshop is also a P.E.A.K. moment

  • Feed your curiosity – with a book offered to the participants to prolong the experience
  • Be surprised – with an ice cream snack that breaks the workshop script!

What Rémy Cointreau gets

The P.E.A.K workshop is much more than a classic workshop. It is also:

An operational method that teams can easily integrate and internalize

A scalable model that can be deployed wherever needed

A management tool to make customer experience an element for employee evaluation

Clarity, pedagogy and structure – not many of the participants even imagined that there was real theory behind the design of moments

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