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Our very first customer experience workshop, exploring the theme of “If Happiness Had a scent.”

Actions are better than words! This is our belief at Maia-BE.
The evidence in visuals with the video of our 1st Customer Experience Workshop.

Maia-BE- le bonheur des clients suite à une expérience en retail réussie

Rather than relying on words alone to describe the P.E.A.K. experience, Maia-BE went for a more engaging approach. We organized an immersive event for around fifteen Retail, marketing, and customer experience directors, working in the fashion, beauty, and luxury sectors. The participants had the opportunity to discover and experience the unique essence of the P.E.A.K. methodology in a practical and tangible way. The event provided a valuable networking opportunity, enabling participants to connect with other industry professionals and exchange ideas and perspectives on customer experience, leading to a more enriching and insightful experience.

Moments of pride (P-ride)

During a workshop hosted by Aroma-Zone’s naturopaths, participants had the opportunity to create their own serum and pillow mist, selecting their favorite essential oils while learning about the properties and benefits of each ingredient. The atmosphere was filled with the sweet fragrances of lavender and chamomile, providing an olfactory immersion that allowed participants to become familiar with the techniques for crafting natural products, while also benefiting from the valuable advice of aromatherapy experts.

Atelier expérience client de Maia-BE

Moments of elevation (E-levation)

Instead of the traditional champagne and usual hors d’oeuvres, the participants gathered around a refined and refreshing cocktail, served on beautiful platters by Tableaux Paris and complemented by delicious Chouxs from BULLIZ. The guests were transported into a unique culinary experience that created a friendly and warm atmosphere, conducive to conversations and networking.

une expérience culinaire unique qui a permis de créer une atmosphère conviviale et chaleureuse durant l'atelier de l'expérience client de Maia-BE.

Moments of alignment (A-lignment)

Around the theme ‘If happiness had a scent…‘, guests were transported to a unique olfactory and gustatory universe. Each participant had the pleasure of discovering a fragrance that perfectly matched their personality, thanks to a personalized sensory experience offered by Maia-BE. During an exchange moment, they also shared their idea of the scent of happiness, with responses varying from the smell of sun-kissed skin to that of jasmine or even their mother’s perfume. With this convivial and warm atmosphere, the evening proved to be an unforgettable moment for all of us.

Une ambiance chaleureuse. L'atelier expérience client était un moment convivial pour toute la communauté Maia-BE.

Moments of Knowledge (K-nowledge)

The participants were introduced to the world of the P.E.A.K. model through a fun and entertaining memory game. This activity allowed them to gain a better understanding of the different dimensions of the P.E.A.K. methodology. By associating each card with a P.E.A.K. dimension, the participants were able to grasp the essence of each one. At Maia-Be, we believe that games make it easier to assimilate and internalize concepts. This interactive approach provided a pleasant and memorable learning experience.

Atelier créatif et ludique avec le jeu Memory pour une expérience client PEAK mémorable avec Maia-BE

Our exploration journey of the P.E.A.K universe continues, its just the beginning of an exciting series of workshops. The upcoming workshop is dedicated to the auditory realm and we are excited to dive into this fascinating universe with as much curiosity and enthusiasm as we did for our previous workshop.

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