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A word from Caroline

Under the Maia-BE spotlights, Caroline Egal, cofounder of Maia-BE, shares a few words.

What brought you to Maia-BE?

3 main things!

The desire for change: entrepreneurship after 20 years of employment… Isn’t that the best way to discover yourself? (at +40, it’s never too late…).

A passion for brands, and more than anything the shopping experience (a great brand experience has so much influence over me!).

My friendship with Anne-Laure has been built over our professional collaborations and only gets stronger!

What would someone be surprised to learn about you?

Oh oh… I’m pretty transparent & predictable… but yes, for those who haven’t known me for a long time: I was a Swedish Gym instructor for several years!! Also: I learned to like beer only very recently (this summer in Greece!)

What makes you happy?

So many things ! 

The sun, a good meal with friends, spending time with my nephews and godchildren, my daily exchanges with the team, our co-workers of the incubator, our customers, our partners… and of course a pistachio cookie from Aurélien Cohen (a young pastry chef from Asniérois)! 

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