CX Management

The Low Code/No Code approach

Maia-BE’s client interface dashboard was built with Cube Agency using the Low Code approach– but what is Low Code?

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Low Code is a visual approach of digital development that minimizes manual coding that allows for a quicker delivery of applications thanks to drag-and-drop functionality and visual guides. This approach allows people with very limited experience to code, helping to “democratize” coding and app development. Low Code is becoming more and more popular since COVID-19 revealed the necessity for business to quickly automate processes.

Low Code helps to speed up the coding process, and is roughly 4 times faster than traditional coding (a one month project would become a one week project). Because of the speed and accessibility of Low Code, it increases productivity, reduces costs, and allows for more flexibility. Put simply, Low Code makes development on both sides, business and consumer, easier and more accessible.

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